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MyMCH is a convenient online service available to anyone who has received care through Medical Center Health System facilities and doctors. Joining MyMCH is free and easy! All you need to do is set up an account, and you’ll get online access to everything from your personal health records to easy-to-use tools that let you communicate directly with your doctor.

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MyMCH is a FREE, EASY and SECURE way to:

  • Contact Your Doctor's Office
  • Send a Brief Note to Your Doctor
  • Request or Cancel Appointments
  • Request Lab or Test Results
  • Request Medication Refills
  • Request a Referral
  • Set Up Your Personal Health Record


Save time and manage your healthcare from your own computer, with MyMCH.



Once registered, you’ll be able to access MyMCH from any computer with an Internet connection - anytime, anywhere. It’s a convenient way to save time that otherwise would be spent on the phone or waiting in a doctor’s office.


MyMCH has an extensive library of medical information that can help you better understand your health and manage your healthcare.

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MyMCH is a FREE service provided by Medical Center Health System.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click Here  to view a list of common questions and general information regarding this innovative new service.

About RelayHealth

RelayHealth is a leading provider of secure online healthcare communication systems. For in-depth information, visit RelayHealth here.

Secure and Confindential

MyMCH is a secure, encrypted online service that meets the national standards for patient privacy under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Important Note

MyMCH is a referral and communication tool - it is not intended for use in emergency or urgent care situations.